Catching up with A*M*E

The London-based singer on war, rubber duckies, and the Golden Age of Pop

You could describe A*M*E (pronounced Amy) as effortlessly cool; she doesn’t try, she just is and the result leaves you whip-lashed, thinking, “Why hasn’t anyone else thought of that?” And her look is wild to match; her style unapologetically slaps you in the face,

When you hear A*M*E’s music you’re immediately overwhelmed with both freshness and nostalgia. Her sound is as if Nicki Minaj crashlanded into early 90s club. And while you could easily overlook the 17 year old as another kid trying to make it big, you’d be missing the mark. Born in Sierra Leone, A*M*E’s life has been anything but ordinary: it has been a life of drive, drama, and music. Below, we find out the dirt about the singer, whose debut album is set to drop May 7.

It had to be hard living through a war.

It wasn’t until my mum’s salon was burned down that I really realized, Oh my god, I’m in a war. I love my country. I wouldn’t say anything bad about it, [and] even with the war it’s still my home. There was six months to a year that was the longest period in my life when my mum and dad [moved to London]. I don’t think I had a system of coping. I just did whatever came that day and got on with it.

After everything you’ve been through do you still feel like a kid?
I am still a kid. I totally am. I still have a bathtub full of rubber duckies…. read the full interview on