Give Me A Break

As we start thinking about Fall and Winter styles, we start thinking about pants. And, if you’re a giant, the biggest issue you face is the question of how long those pants should really be. Part of how we decide this is based on where the pants “break.”

So, what is a pants break? Simply put, you know the long crease down he front of your trouser? The break is where your pant meets the top of your shoe causing a fold in the fabric. But, none of this matters if you can’t find pants that are long enough. Fear not. If you drift off the regular rack and seek out higher quality brands, you’ll find you can get all the length you’re looking for.

Brands like Brooks Brothers affordably offer many of their casual pants and dress trousers “un-hemmed,” meaning that the bottom of the pant is around a 36 inch inseam that can be tailored per your specifications, often this is complementary in the store… read the full article at