Movie Review: Patty Schemel’s ‘Hit So Hard’ Exposes the Inside of Her Hole

For those who might criticize a review title like this, let’s remember what we’re talking about: the legendary rock band, Hole. The band’s front woman Courtney Love was an unabashed finger in the face of feminism, society, and the male-dominated world of rock. Her persona and the name of her band itself dare you to write headlines like the one above. But in the story of Hit So Hard, love steps aside to let one of her band mates reenter the spotlight. Patty Schemel was the beat behind one of the most vulgarly named rock bands that ever took to the stage.

The documentary is directed by P. David Ebersole and follows the courtship, birth, life, death, and afterlife of Hole through the lens of drummer Patty Schemel. The story is overflowing with interviews from nearly all of the most influential female percussionists in rock history: Gina Schock (The Go-Gos), Debbi Peterson (The Bangles), Kate Schellenbach (Beastie Boys and Luscious Jackson), Alice de Buhr (Fanny), and numerous other powerhouse female rockers. Told by the people involved inside and out, we witness the party, the music, the drugs, the fame, and the predictably despicable ending of Schemel’s career with Hole. And we witness everything, from her mother talking about her lesbianism to candid discussions about her fall from rock goddess to literally being a crack whore. In many ways, this film is only possible by happenstance. Seeded throughout are gratuitously personal glimpses into the private lives of both Hole and Kurt Cobain’s Nirvana…. To read the full review go to