Reza Farahan on ‘Shahs of Sunset,’ Gays in Iran & His Unending Persian Passion

Bravo audiences weren’t sure what they were getting into this year when the channel announced its newest reality spectacle Shahs of Sunset. The show created uproar with its unapologetic displays of wealth, drama, intrigue and, of course, a lot of gold and marble. And wouldn’t you know it, the razor sharp wit of openly gay cast member Reza Farahan quickly made him the show’s “fan favorite.” We caught up with the “Mustached One” after the smash success of the show’s first season.

What were you like as a kid?
Just like big Reza with less access to cash; unable to drive or consume alcoholic beverages.

It seems your closet is full of everything but you. What’s behind your fashion obsession?
I’m very into finishing touches and details. You get to see my passion for pocket squares, belts, shoes, cufflinks — I love presentation. I’m very aesthetically oriented.

What do you have to say to critics who think Shahs of Sunset is racist, exploitive, and perpetuates stereotypes?
I couldn’t care less. It doesn’t mean anything. I’m using the show as a platform to bring awareness to homosexuality. They can kiss my Persian ass. Let them put themselves out on the line and see how much they can take. My stereotype is a hard working, fun loving, family-oriented person who likes marble and gold. What I’m doing is humanizing. I’m highlighting the beautiful aspects of my culture.

Do you feel you’re accurately portrayed on the show?
I don’t think they portray me. That’s how I am in life. The exact person on screen is the exact person in real life… read the full interview on