Tim Burton Introduces Abraham Lincoln

On February 10th, history buffs and freedom-loving patriots at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois got a special treat.  Tim Burton showcased some new footage for the upcoming Abraham… Read More

Movie Review: ‘The Woman in Black’ Opens the Doors of her Fun House

At first glance, you might dismiss The Woman in Black as “Harry Potter and the Haunted Mansion,” and you’d be wrong. Watching TWIB is akin to taking a tour through a well-conceived fun… Read More

Winning AIDS Memorial Design Rejected by St Vincent’s Owner

The owners of the space that will house New York’s AIDS Memorial Park have rejected a design plan from a grassroots coalition that has been at the forefront of advocating a memorial of… Read More

Palin’s ‘The Undefeated’ Is NOT an Oscar Nom

Sales of Sarah Palin’s so-called documentary The Undefeated got an unexpected and accidental boost following announcement of the nominees for the 84th Academy Awards this week. In the category of Best Documentary Feature,… Read More

L.A. to Porn Industry: Not Without a Condom

In a 9-1 vote, the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance on Tuesday that will tighten enforcement of condom usage on all porn productions in the city. California already has existing laws… Read More

Catching Up With Bright Light Bright Light

This interview first appeared on www.out.com The musician dishes to Out about his work and love life In 2006 Rod Thomas stepped into the spotlight with the song “Good Coat.” Recently he has… Read More

Action Reaction: The Gay Blue Period

In 2010, 12% more gays went to the polls and voted republican  than the previous year. While the initial reaction is “Why?” the better question is “How do we turn this into an… Read More

Can Gays Save the Republican Party?

If the polling is accurate and one out of three gay voters really did go Republican in the last election, Gay.com writer Brett Edward Stout wonders if the fresh ideas gays are hoping… Read More

How Gays Can Save the Republican Party

This year, 1 out of 3 gay voters voted Republican—12% more than the previous election. This statistic has caused a lot of people to ask, “Why?” The best answer, however, is “Why not?”… Read More

A Letter to General Amos

Dear General Amos, As a Marine Corps veteran, let me congratulate you on your new position as the 35th Commandant of the US Marine Corps (USMC). As the commandant, it falls to you… Read More