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In the summer of 2001 Brad, a lonely marine cruising for a hookup in San Francisco’s Castro finds, more than sex. The repetition and drudgery of disciplined combat preparation of the Marines was everything he had known. Now no longer part of that world, Brad struggles to rediscover himself. A fantasy is all people have wanted from Brad but with his enlistment over, where does that leave him?

After his service is over, he heads for the seedy leather bars of the city, hoping to find meaning in release. With no set agenda (nor means of support) Brad stumbles into the orbit of Ron, a rich, handsome, middle-aged alcoholic. The two embark on a road trip to an exclusive Lake Tahoe enclave, and Ron’s world of empty penthouses, lavish cabins, yacht clubs, four-star generals, and thousand-dollar bottles of wine. It’s a journey that may change both their lives forever.



A gay bachelor auction sweeps young ex-Marine Brad into Hawaii’s glittering world of money, privilege, and access. After a chaotic week in San Francisco (Stout’s first novel, “Sugar Baby Bridge”), Brad returns to familiar ground in Hawaii, and falls in with Danny, a gossip columnist hardwired to the local arts scene with its billionaires, benefactors, dancers, directors, and princesses.

Their friendship is forged against the breathtaking beauty of the island with its dazzling architecture, picturesque beaches, and celebrity-fueled parties. The power dynamics of sex, friendship, and access begin to create a rift between them. Brad’s romantic pursuits cause tension with his new friend who has invited him into a posh world, an invitation that can just as easily be withdrawn. Cracks in the surface of this glittering world begin to reveal a dirty reality beneath.

Point and Shoot by Brett Edward Stout


In the Summer of 2001, Brad, recently out of the Marines, is offered a behind-the-camera job by James, who specializes in amateur straight military porn. James invites Brad to join two of his fellow Marines on the Big Island of Hawaii to shoot one of his videos. While there, they seek out the island’s towering waterfalls, black sand beaches, tropical jungles, and active volcanoes. While exploring paradise, they end up discovering each other.

As the two straight Marines find themselves in front of the camera, they expose more of themselves than just their skin. The boundary between camaraderie and romantic entanglement blurs and tensions between brothers in arms develop when gay-for-pay becomes gay-for-play. How far will things go and will James convince Brad to step in front of the camera?

About Brett Edward Stout

Brett Edward Stout, was born and raised in Cedar Rapids Iowa. At the age of 18 he joined the United States Marine Corps.

He has served as Executive Director of the Honolulu Gay and Lesbian Cultural Foundation and of the Rainbow Film Festival and is the creator and administrator of the Gay Marines Facebook page.

His passion for writing began when he wrote his first poem in 4th grade almost getting himself suspended from school; he’s been in love with writing ever since.

Brett Edward Stout’s debut novel Sugar-baby Bridge is available on Stout has been a regular contributor to OUT Magazine, The Advocate, ACCESSline Iowa, Watermark Orlando, and numerous other publications.